Thursday, September 18, 2008


Any Good Japanese Food Places in San Pablo?

As the title asks. I've recently become quite addicted to Japanese food, specially Sushi and Sashimi. And since I live in San Pablo City, the places where I can find these things are severely limited.

Homono Japanese Food, formerly located near the SSS Building near the corner of M. Paulino and Balagtas, used to serve the best Japanese food in San Pablo. I live far from there but I take the trouble to take the trip just to go there. But it has since closed and moved beside Laguna College, open only it seems, when there's classes. Unfortunately, when I had someone go there to buy some Japanese food, it turns out they're no longer serving.

An alternative is Spaghetti House, located near Doctor's Hospital along Mabini, a food place that is probably the best kept secret in San Pablo. Their spaghetti is the best I ever tasted (except of course, spaghetti I cooked myself. he.he.). The great thing is, they also serve Japanese food.

Unfortunately, it's not always available. Every two of three times I would go there to order it, the person preparing it is not there, which is just frustrating. If you want some great spaghetti though, forget Jollibee! Go to Spaghetti house!

But for Japanese food, I honestly don't know where to go. Does anyone have any suggestions? Do you know of a place where I can order it in San Pablo?

There is this old lady that sells sushi at the palengke, going around the stalls carrying her bilao of sushi. Which is just weird. I find it hard trusting such delicate food as sushi to an ambulatory vendor. I think she's the same woman who I used to see selling sushi at the entrance to Ultimart.

A proper restaurant is what I'm looking for. Any help would be very much apprecaited! :D

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