Monday, December 11, 2006


J. Bros Theater

Newer at the time than Supreme, J. Bros theater was the cinema we in the family now preferred to go to. I was particularly fascinated by the vending machine in the 2nd Floor Lobby. Back in the late 70's, I'd never seen one before and I was facinated to see a cop drop from inside, ice would follow, then my drink. I thought it was fantastic!

As previously mentioned, 2 movies were shown one after the other. The following week, a new duo of movies will be shown. But if once in a rare while that a movie made really good money, they'd extend that for another week. I would often times find out which movies will be shown next because tricycles would often carry announcements at the back.

The last time I watched at J. Bros was sometime in the early 90's. "Ghost" was doubled with "Rocky V". Since I really liked both movies, I thought that was a terrific combination.

J. Bros has been closed as well, I figure, almost at the same time as Supreme did. Now, it's a NOVO, a grocery/department store selling cheap imported goods.

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