Tuesday, December 05, 2006


My San Pablo City Blog

I wonder why I haven't thought of this before. I already have a blog about my work which can be found here, and a personal blog which can be found here.

But there's another subject that is of great interest to me that I can't seem to fit in those two groups, and that is my hometown of San Pablo City. No, not the one in San Francisco, USA, but right here in Laguna in the Philippines, the City of the Seven Lakes.

I was born right here in San Pablo, at Doctor's Hospital in 1968. I loved growing up here, and I hated being forced to move to Manila when Ateneo de San Pablo closed so we could continue our studies in the big city.

After graduating from San Beda College (High School) and University of Sto Tomas (Architecture), and practicing both architecture and comic book illustration for a few years, I moved back to San Pablo City for good.

What can I say? I love living here more than anywhere else. This is HOME to me. I love taking pictures and videos of it.

In this blog I will be uploading the many photographs and videos I make about San Pablo, and once in a while I'll be sharing some news, whatever news that I manage to find out that is.

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