Friday, December 08, 2006


Sta. Rita's Newspaper and Magazine Store

The many old landmarks of San Pablo are quickly disappearing. One landmark that many San Pablo old timers will definitely remember is Sta. Rita's Newspaper and Magazine Store along Bonifacio. Thankfully, it's still there. Well, at least HALF of it is still there.

Sta. Rita's was once double this size, encompassing the space where the green gate on the left of the 2nd photo is located. I still remember going here when I was young. My parents would buy things like Mod Magazine, Newspapers and Liwayway, and I would ask them to buy me song hits and komiks. Today, I still buy my Liwayway weekly here, although I miss the old, much larger Sta. Rita.

Incidentally, that signboard is new, around maybe a year old, replacing the old signboard that has been there for decades. It still had the 4-digit phone numbers commonly used in the old days. More than once I entertained the notion of actually asking them for that signboard, offering to get them a new one in exchange. I never got the chance or the courage to ask, until I saw they had replaced the sign... actually, I think they just painted over it.

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