Monday, September 07, 2009


Grocery sa Ultimart

Nag grocery ako sa Ultimart kahapon. Parang na depress ata ako. Kasi konti na lang ang taong bumibili, parang madilim, isang hilerang freezer ang walang laman, wala ring laman yung fresh meat, parang amoy luma... parang nakakalungkot.

Parang nung isang taon lang siksikan ang tao dito at ang hahaba ng pila. Nagrereklamo pa ang ibang tao na konti lang ang cashier na bukas. And to think na Linggo kahapon. Usually maraming tao ang namimili dito pag linggo. Kahapon, parang mga lima lang kami doon.

Asan ang mga tao? Andun sa PUREGOLD.

Tama ang kutob ko na tatamaan ang ilang business sa bayan ng dahil sa Puregold. At ang isa sa mga kutob kong maaapektuhan ay Ultimart. Sayang din kasi OK para sa akin mag grocery dun. Marami rin kasi silang mga sosyal na bilihin doon na gusto kong bilhin pag may konting pera ako.

Tulad ng Salmon. Wala sa Puregold nyan. Tulad ng Nestle Milk Chocolate Hot Cocoa Mix. Wala sa Puregold nyan. Yung ilang mga imported na bagay tulad ng Muesli, mga de lata... wala sa Puregold nyan.

Tama ang ginagawa ng Ultimart na mag renovate sila. Yun din ang naisip ko noon bilang isa sa mga pwede nilang gawin para tapatan ang Puregold. Pero sana meron silang regular maintenance. At dapat maliwanang. Yang mga simpleng bagay na ganyan ang hanap ng tao e. Malinis. Maliwanag. Malinis ang CR at well maintained.

Pano na pag nagka SM na? Balita ko magkaka SM sa Riverina next year. Lalo nang malilintikan ang Ultimart... pati na rin Puregold.

Ito, may bidjo ako ng pamimili ko sa ULTIMART noong 2006.

Hello Gerry,
First and foremost I would like to congratulate you for all the wonderful articles you provided your readers and the magnificent photography and video clips you so generously share to the citizens of San Pablo and to us all long lost sons and daugthers of our City of Seven Lakes overseas.
May I introduce myself to you;My name is Rudy C. Cosico, You knew me as "Sir Odee", your P.E., Coach & Martial Arts Instructor in your early days in Canossa during your elementary years.
I would like to say I have been an avid fan of your website for years now, it makes me feel connected even at a distance.You make me and definitely other San Pablenyos all over the world, feel at home with your pictures, columns and videos, I cannot thank you enough, but I intend to do this in person sooner than later. I used your videos and picture gallery to the Canadian team I coached and take to the Philippines and Japan every two years to compete in the World Martial Arts Championship in Manila and Cebu which we successfully do well everytime. I take my team to San Pablo to train, rest, recuperate and keep fit for the world event.
They(Team Canada) are fascinated with our city's scenery, fresh food, fruits and vegs and the pleasant reception they receive from our citizens - all elements that helped them compete well and become world champions! I recently retired coaching the Canadian national team, I passed the reins to my son Christian Matthew(another fan of your art work) and my daughter RoseMary Clair( a fan of your wife's creative products & design) that responsibility last year, when we finished 3rd overall against 35 countries. I still passionately teach and give lectures, workshops and seminars. I am a 2CL Stat.Engineer by profession but currently work as a civil servant for the City of Toronto . My goal and mission, God willing, is to retire in a few years to San Pablo and share my skills and knowledge I have accumulated over the years and work with my fellow citizens, no matter how little and limited they may be.
Please keep taking pictures, videos and keep on writing,
Stay well and safe.

Rudy C. Cosico
Toronto, Canada
yun din ang di ko gusto sa Puregold, Gerry - kulang ng sosyal na produkto, hehe. I eagerly await pag natapos na ang renovation ng Ultimart at dun na ko ulit ako pupunta kahit malapit lang ang Puregold sa min.
good on you mate..hope you can upload more videos about San pablo..keep up the good work. I also watch your video with the late Arlan Esmena, he is my highschool classmate...
Cheeers bro..!!

FT2 of Perth Western Australia
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